Brandyn Buchanan Quotes

hat happened? This chick said about Abrams, it's just the way she moves…. whaaat

your body just says the absolute weirdest and nanest shit to you when you re in pain.

wlike you just test yourself wth every possible curse, just to see how you get through it.

when you're average people work out of desperation, when there's an emergency.

You know. If you're not doing what you'd asked for, your discontentment, I can masure that in days, not months. I'm a very impatient person.

but extraordinary people make it a habit to pursue their goals, do it with high intensity, and do it no matter what.

it's a trait of bad leadership to blame everything on the people underneath you.

if there's a logistics problem, it's your fault, if there's a holdup, it's your fault, if your people don't understand what you want, can't execute it, it's your problem.

power starts with responsibility, and responsibility starts with –

it's about asking strategic questions.

instead of asking about the price of things, ask about the value.

ask what you have to do to get it, what do you need to do in order to keep it.

it's important to have enough space in your life that people appreciate you and validate you, and care about what you are.

The fact that you're here and being alive is just a miracle! The odds against you, you specifically, being born are massive.

You being born is a bigger achievement than anything an athlete can do.

stand up for yourself. it's not narcissism for you to demand meaning in your life.

and most people are going to have technically inconsequential lives. and very few of us are going to have huge contribution to the human race as a whole.

but I do think there's room for us to be big contributors to our family, to our friends, to our clients.

Your time and your focused intentions are like a craft that drives you wherever you tell it to go

Your hobbies, your thoughts, your actions, even your food.

People think of themselves as creative, but creating isn't about sitting with a typewriter.

it's something you're actively doing, in every breath and moment.

There's nothing that will delay your progress like self deception. When you don't know your weaknesses and strengths you can't even begin to address them.

As always, the cave you're afraid to enter has the magic you're after.

I have all the tools for success and I've had a lot of success in my business life for myself and other people.

I have one or two personal aspects keeping me from being a huge success in business and I'm working on those.

Anything left that's in my way, I feel like IT is inside of ME.

I always look back at Anthony Hopkins in that movie about Pope Francis.

“Show yourself the mercy that you preach.”

Give yourself space to grow things and run things your way – even if you don't have all the pieces together so far.

Blaming yourself? Beating yourself up? It's all a tremendous waste of time.

Just because you can measure it doesn’t mean it matters. Trust me, you can spend the next million years hounding down “measurables” without making a buck – and it’s not great.

Every adversity carries the seed of a better benefit.

Look for the yellow door. While most people are striving to get to the front of the line, there's always a shorter way, a better way that just requires some personal assurance.

A little voice in my head said – give. And then there was another voice in my head saying – give.  And then there was a thunderous chorus saying GIVE GIVE GIVE.

And I wanted to obey that voice.

I snapped that photo when I was at a low point because I knew it would be part of a comeback story for me.

There's self-help, there's shelf-help, and there's this.

Shelf help is when you read somebody's advice and watch it like you're watching television.

I often talk about TV as an income reducing machine – and it's not just because it

That doesn't have to be the only way we

And my advice is really hard.

Unless you're looking at    what you feed your mind, you're looking at unhappiness.

The number one thing that separates successful and happy people is that they learn how to overcome adversity.  They know how to deal with setbacks, and they can succeed when the odds are long.

Ever had a dog spit up on the rug?

It's gross. And it doesn't clean up very easily, especially if you're And when it happens, you don't want people looking at it and making comments.

There's a certain show on TV called Accidental Fortune. And in every episode. people just stumble over things that make them a fortune. A woman finds a million in the trash.  Or someone finds an expensive table in the attic.

And these shows are really feel good. Because you've got positive expectation for the future. You KNOW somebody is going to be very happy by the time you're finished.

I really believe there are treasures waiting for you in your life – obviously, we think of “treasure” like financial.

But what if you found a relationship treasure?

A time treasure?

A self-esteem treasure?

An assertiveness treasure?

All of these things are deeply connected and

Have you thought about Santa Claus lately?

Well, you might be saying  – why would I think of Santa? It's the middle of the year.

How inconsiderate! There's nobody who works harder for people globally than Santa. He travels around the world giving gifts to kids.

And he's made an entire operation of it. He breeds magical creatures to help him, he's got his wife on the gig too – all for other people. And he doesn't earn a dime from it.

Problem is, we live in a what have you done for me lately universe – so even Santa gets forgotten after a few months without output.

People pleasing has got limits. No matter who you are and where you're from. That's the way of the world.

It's the middle of June – but I want to encourage you to be your OWN Santa Claus. Give a gift to yourself.  Use your own magic in your own name.

I had a friend who owned a brand new Honda Civic with a nice car stereo.

I know I'm aging myself a bit, car stereos were these things that played music and – well, I'll just move on.

He went for a long road trip in the United States, and he went through some shady neighborhoods. Not shady in the way an oversensitive tourist might say “shady” you know, they can't handle adventure.

Really dangerous. Like, a place where theft is constant.

So, he had a great idea. He was going to get ahead of the robbers

He painted white liquid paper on the stereo to make it look worthless so thieves would not steal it.

And it worked.

It's easy to cover up something to make it look bad.

Problem was that the car was something he'd taken a lot of pride in.

It was a humble car, but it was his.

Leadership – each team member is a leader who offers sound counsel and reliable follow-through; a leader who is committed to guiding the team to success and helping each of us accomplish our goals. We trust each other to take responsibility and make decisions that are in the best interests of the team and our mission.

Integrity – we treat all tasks and people with respect and honesty; we believe that our actions should be guided by principles of fairness and equity. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and we strive to ensure that all of our decisions are honest and just.

Gratitude – we recognize that it is a privilege to serve and do meaningful work; as a team we are thankful for the opportunity to collaboratively create something that is bigger than any of us. We recognize the importance of showing appreciation for our colleagues and for the efforts of all of those who make our work possible.

Hope – through adversity, we focus on a brighter future and what we each can do to make a positive difference; we believe that the best way to overcome any challenge is to work together and use our collective energy to find creative solutions. We are optimistic that, through our dedication and hard work, we can make a lasting impact and achieve our collective objectives.

Transparency – we default towards openness and collaboration at every opportunity; we strive to foster an environment of trust, where all members of the team feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone is heard, respected, and valued.

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