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Give Us A Half Hour - We'll Share The Best Of What We Know With You.

Step 1

Discovery call. Interview about how you're doing.

Step 2

Strategy session. We show you a system and how it works.

Step 3

Sales call - a personalized picture of how we can help.

So, is this like, a sales call?

Uh, not exactly.

We spend a lot of our time on social media looking for companies that have something going on internally that we like - like their events or their website, or their team.

So these are "discovery" calls. We get to learn new things about how your organization works. And in many situations, we create a social media sample based on your interview, or turn our talk into a podcast episode, or any number of things to help with your workload.

If you fit the profile of our usual clients, we'll explain any particulars of our service that apply to you. Or, we'll explain how one of our systems work.

If you need our service, we'll have a second call where we take what we've learned and have a more specific meeting with your decision makers.