Chasing Dopamine Makes The Rest Of Life Hard To Impossible


Every marketer has a comfort zone, and even though they treat it like a cocoon, it’s more like a coffin to anyone that’s serious about long term, successful action.

People will do almost anything to avoid ever being uncomfortable – under any circumstances.

People won’t introduce themselves to people in their business life or personal life. People won’t exercise for extended periods of time. People won’t avoid foods that they know that is bad for them.

People are lovers of pleasure and they hate to work. They hate, hate, HATE to make themselves uncomfortable. But you know what? The work that we put in avoiding ever being uncomfortable hurts us in the long run. It’s not an obvious pain, but whenever we are sharply faced with our lack of resources, our lack of preparation, fear, hurt and anger take hold.

All of these things can be attributed to times when we could have prepared but instead, we slacked off.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you – you get my picture here.


So Why Don’t We Make Changes?

Bafflingly a lot of people are completely willing to accept getting what they’ve already got.

They will say that they want more money. They say that they want better contacts. They say they want to bill their list, but what they really have PROVEN they want with the ACTION they’ve displayed consistently is the status quo.

They set themselves in a very disturbing loop of hating the status quo that they’re in motivating themselves just enough to start to take action, feeling the pain of that action (because any serious change causes discomfort along the way), and sliding back down to their original state. How are you going to overcome that as you build your business?

“We can take massive action when we are afraid.”

When Your Back Is Against The Wall…

I would tell you you’ve got to embrace the fear.

We can take massive action when we are afraid. When we have a back against the wall mentality.

When was the last time that you were truly, deeply afraid? I’m not talking about when you watched a spooky movie or little Japanese girl with stringy hair jumped at you from inside the TV.

I’m talking about a real fear that challenged the heart of who you define yourself as a person. When there was an action that you were simply afraid to take.

Did you defy the fear and take action anyway?

I’ve got a radical concept for you to think about.

Fear is an evolutionary function that is becoming obsolete for humanity. Think about the biological reasons for fear. For almost the entirety of human existence on this planet, we needed fear as a survival mechanism. We wouldn’t walk into the forest because fear would tell us there’s a bear in the forests. We wouldn’t drink from a river because we knew that there is something scary in the river that is going to jump out at us.

But if you live in the first world today in 2013 you realistically do not have a lot to be afraid of. Sure there is a chance that you get hit by a bolt of lightning or run over by a car or a bus.

But really, you probably never been truly close to death from malnutrition, from the lack of medicine or from starvation. You have been hungry before but the odds are you’ve never been close to starving. It is very difficult for somebody in the first world to experience the serious fear of physical pain, sickness or death – the only fear that a human being should respect.

The Invention Of Fear

So instead we invent fear. We create fear in our lives to fill the gap. Because it’s been healthy for us.

We fear things that are not really scary. We fear speaking to people. We fear being alone, whether that’s emotionally or physically. We fear not being understood and we built these fears up so that we fear them in the same way that we fear death.

Like I said a long time ago, this was good. This was essential.

But it isn’t anymore.

We have higher desires. We have the desires of the spirit and the soul. When you think about your hopes, the thing that fights fear, the thing that stands against fear. That part of you that makes you stand against risk, that comes from your soul.

Your soul wants to provide a better life for your children. Your soul wants to be a better friend, a better husband, and a better father. Your soul wants you to take action and make the most out of your life.

So that fear, that lizard brain is constantly in battle with our higher selves. Is not that fear hates you. It does not want to kill you – it actually wants the opposite, it wants to keep you alive at any cost. In the status quo you might be fat, you might be broke and you might be miserable but you are alive and that is all that fear wants.

But you want more out of your life than just putting in oxygen and putting out carbon dioxide.

Your soul is the top of that mythical pyramid of desires.

It is self actualization. It is meaning on the highest level, and this can make you happier than just merely being alive. Your soul can find happiness when you act on what you desire. That’s what I want from you.

Make A Promise To Yourself…

I want you to act.

I’m willing to bet that there’s something that’s you know that you should be doing, that your soul wants you to do, but that your fear is keeping you from doing. Maybe it’s writing those emails. Maybe it’s writing those blog posts, maybe it’s putting yourself on video. Maybe it’s making phone calls.

But make yourself a promise today that you’re going to change and that you’re going to fight fear with your actions. If you’re scared to write something, write it. If you are scared to make a video, put yourself on camera. If you’re scared to fight for the life that you know that you deserve, take the time right now and put your fists up and fight for it. Regardless of what the risks might be.

You’ll be shocked at how quickly you progress when you commit yourself to doing that.

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