Do Your Community’s Stories Feel Blocked?


Is Writer's Block Fake? Kinda.

I don't believe in writer's block. I think writer's block is a mechanical issue. Why don't mechanics have mechanic's block? Cashiers don't have cashier's block. People don't have rigor mortis when doing a routine physical action. Their bodies just work in motion.

Knowledge Is What Makes Doing Things Sustainable, imo

And it's not that physical skill is better than creative skill, or even that different.

It's just you can make the mouth sounds of being a writer without having, like, studied how to write.

Like, if you're a writer and you just don't know how to write, what's happening?

On an individual level, there can be a blockage like fear.

And, I think that often fear is the same way. It's you just don't have the knowledge.

that isn't your fault either.

You don't have the experience. You don't have the context.

Sometimes, fear is something that is for your life, or is good for your life.

Fear is a sense of self-preservation – it's hard wired to what you will say and when.

I know that sounds a little dark, but I guess that's kind of at the core of all of the policy towards the handicapped in America.

not a doctor, not a doctor, NOT A DOCTOR.

But listen. I'm not a doctor at all. So in terms of really deep fears that are tied to physical things that go on in the psyche, like your fear of heights or fire, it may turn out that maybe that's simpler than I think, but I just assume that would be more complicated.

And I don't know anything about how to help you with that situation.

But there are two other situations where creative blockages can span a whole company.

sometimes it has to be on you.

You just have so much time there as the “main character”.

The person that you are when you are by yourself and making autonomous choices can be self-destructive, weird, overly comfortable, fearful, impulsive. I mean, you name the situation. That person on the outside might not be the same person inside when you're making your decisions.

BY THE WAY, you need the courage to project yourself in order to finish anything.

And I've made it my work to work with coaches, nonprofits and B2B companies, and gave people the courage to project themselves, whether that was in public speaking, whether that was in publishing, whether that was in communicating to a list, like email lists. Just anything that brought ideas to life.

You Can Get Stuck And Lose Years Trying To Create A Stable Flow

You know, you think if you feel blocked because you don't know where to find a list of your previous ideas and which ideas are right for the context that you are free to think or talk or do anything in.

Create Your Best Ideas At The Best Times

So we really think about ways to help people communicate their best ideas and their best selves at the best time. For a lot of organizations, that's your events. Especially if you're a nonprofit, you probably run events in order to just meet people in the neighborhood who care about the work that you're doing.

… and get into Flow State for your creative world.
And this can just be super overwhelming, because now when you sit down to communicate, you're thinking about how your company's core ideas will be communicated across social media, across business, across email, across articles, across the podcast.

This is just a lot. How do we get our best ideas communicated with the public in a way that's entertaining, that's fresh, that's up to the minute, that's vital. How do we do that?

It's not too expensive.

Let's Talk About Takeover Tuesday
So Ghost Coast Video sponsors Takeover Tuesday, and this is a show in Little 5 Points Atlanta that talks to artists, activists, entrepreneurs, software developers, people in the arts, and just talks to all of them about their ideas, things that they wanna bring into the world, their creative projects.

And, it's been great. The panel sits with them, judges them, speaks to them, asks them clarifying questions like, you know, who is this for? What does it do? How does it help them?

A Brand New Level Of Creative Challenge.

This has just been a brand new level of things to get creatively blocked on:

In terms of your balancing, in real time, lighting, shadows, all the stress of a live stage show, all the stress of a TV show, all the business planning and outreach and operations of a movie.

Why why why did we take this path? It's been humbling.

But it's been fun. People have liked it. People love interacting with it.

It gets great reviews.

It's my project.

And, you know, how far it goes is up to it.

It's like anybody that does, like, home renovation.

And they repair some charity house. How long it goes is up to them.

Or if Gordon Ramsay goes in there and spends time trying to fix Joanie's Crazy Diner, and that diner doesn't work out.

That's not Gordon Ramsay's problem. Your job is to just encourage them to use fresh local ingredients, and don't over clutter the space. Enforce basic cleanliness. Keep the refrigerator clean. That's the best I can do for you, buddy.

This system is great for many of our peers.

Just people talk to us all the time about how they can do what we're doing, whether they wanna hold their first event or they wanna do basic promo for themselves as an artist or whether they are a business that wants to be able to put together something really big, like a highlight of their year. Yeah.

We get asked a lot. So the better we get at it's just explaining this so that it's not in just year-end highlights, but that every month or week just feels that great, then, we just feel like it's gonna be light speed on all of our developments and our ability to just have a good time, live a good life.

Anyway, writers block. There's individual writers block, but also institutional.

What are your, you know, where your inner blocks? And I never believed in writer's block. I really thought writer's block is really a function of knowledge. You know? You are feeling writer's block because your idea just didn't make enough sense.

Like, if somebody says they're talking about writer's block, it means you're ashamed to communicate your raw idea. You need to learn how to write, and then you wouldn't have problems communicating. You really have to learn about how content is made in order to communicate that well, unfortunately, which means you have to be a really great writer, which I am. When I introduce myself to anyone, I'm at some networking group, and they ask my skill.

I was at a group called Strike Your Network with an Atlanta actor named Nas.

This wasn't about connections.

Watching him network as somebody who didn't have a lot of connections in the acting industry and really making a way in front of, you know, a bunch of heavyweight actors and always finding a way to fit himself into the frame and be seen and be speaking and have their creative advice heard, really for an industry that has a lot of nepotism, is very access driven.

I mean, even here in Atlanta, he has a very full Instagram of people asking how to do what he does. And, like a lot of people, you give away their best ideas, their best skills for for free.

Even in Atlanta, being an actor isn't THAT valuable.

His real business as an actor, is really only relevant to a small percentage of the population.

I mean, if you see this guy on the street and you don't know anything about him …

And he says he's an actor, you're like… okay. Whatever.

And you're right on to your personal life if they say they teach how to build and expand your personal network, whether you are a young person, if you're a college student, if you're a law student, if you're any kind of small business entrepreneur, activist, musician, artist that wants to monetize their work.

You'd be right in the right place.

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