a joyful heart for board games? - Ghost Coast Video

a joyful heart for board games?

Just come with a joyful heart to Oakhurst Game Night at Mojo's Pizza Board Games Decatur Oakhurst with relatively normal people and this is at mojo pizza and pub eastlake drive o'hurst game night bring your board games they've got board games there they have his hand splendor machi koro risk ticket to ride things so clover code names and you're just meeting other people who play board games so if you have board games you have a really nice court game you want to bring It's got to pass the street test It's got to be as interesting as Risk Risk is a twenty-year-old game guys The board game has evolved since then You've got to be more fun than Risk Bring your game to the streets at Oakhurst Game Night at Mojo's Pizza and Pub Man but even if your board game you weren't sure about how it was going to go you'd be having pizza right in front of you

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