Episode 106: There’s a Little Ohio in All of Us (with Nancy Larson)


Can Ohio make us all feel better about the state of politics in America? At the very least Nancy Larson's campaign can! Nancy Larson and her campaign manager Quinn Albright are back again and it's better than last time as we talk about how Nancy's one-time long-shot to now likely campaign is going:

  • Larry Householder can't get Lawyer
  • COVID in Ohio, from Great to Terrible
  • Being a Targeted as Flippable Race
  • The Hardships and Victories of the Campaign Trail
  • Quinn being a Bernie Delegate & MORE

Get Involved with Nancy's Campaign:https://www.nancyfor.ushttps://twitter.com/NancyForOhiohttps://secure.actblue.com/donate/nancyforus

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