Episode 49: Nabilah Islam Is Going To Win


Nabilah Islam has been fighting the insurance industry since high school – maybe it was only natural that her battle would take her to the doors of Congress. She's running in GA-07, one of the closest battlegrounds in the country. We got to talk about her very personal stakes in running, and we also cover:

  • Expanding the electorate to make this district finally go blue.
  • What working for Hillary Clinton taught her about the politically possible.
  • Economic equity that people of all political stripes can unite behind.
  • Transportation in a city where everyone's in a car for four hours a day.
  • Stopping “Donald Trump's secret police” and creating restorative justice.
  • And oh yeah, sustaining human life on the planet.

Twitter: https://nabilahforcongress.comOur Patreon:

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