Episode 50: She’s Got A “For All” For That (with Donna Imam)


Donna Imam is an engineer from Austin running in TX-31 – running explicitly against the work corporations do to keep people in deep debt and working paycheck-to-paycheck.

We talk about a campaign to raise wages and give working people a larger sale of what they create. Why having an engineer is a refreshing change from the usual flood of lawyers and business owners that run Congress now.

  • Why we need to think more ambitiously than just “living wages”
  • Surviving in one of the most intensely gerrymandered states in the country.
  • Why it's harder for people to “graduate out” of a low paying job.
  • Why student loans are a scam and how to lower the cost of education.
  • Why the private health insurance has to die so the rest of us can live.

And a lot more.twitter: @donnaimamtxwebsite: https://www.votefordonna.com/send her few bucks: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/donnaimamtx

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