Episode 56: A Material Impact (with Paige Kreisman)


It's proof that voting blue doesn't solve *all* your problems – Oregon has the most spending on elections per capita, and now their state legislature is slashing employee pensions.

Paige Kriesman is working to change that. Landlords, developers, fossil fuels, Comcast, and Nike are spending nationally leading amounts of money to keep her out of office.

Why there's SO much corporate money going into a state legislature?

  • Surviving a state with unlimited corporate money
  • Why cis people need to think so much bigger than the trans military ban.
  • Paige's heartbreaking experiences as an infantrywoman and how it shaped her politics.
  • Fighting the military industrial complex at home and abroad.
  • How to organize anywhere (including deep red areas)
  • Creating a green economy that centers and benefits working people.
  • How to get around the state legislature and remove corporate money from Oregon politics.

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