Episode 60: Kicked Out of Vampire Club (with Nancy Larson)


Can you give a natural feature a bill of rights? You sure can! Nancy Larson is a retired social worker and community activist running for Ohio State House of Representatives in the 47th District. We sat down for a passionate, fun, and informative hour with Nancy and her campaign manager, Quinn Albright, that you won't want to miss. Topics include:

  • The Lake Erie Bill of Rights
  • Making Compelling Pro-Choice Arguments
  • Protecting Our Rights to Vote and Participate in Democracy
  • Flipping a Narrow Red Distrct
  • How Medicare4All Can Save Everyone Money

Get Involved with Nancy's Campaign:https://www.nancyfor.ushttps://twitter.com/NancyForOhiohttps://secure.actblue.com/donate/nancyforus

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