Episode 97: Captain Kirk Doesn’t Read Theory (with Cory Archibald)


When you ask people how they started moving left politically, a large number of them will at some point mention a certain sci-fi franchise that has capture imaginations for decades by presenting the possibility of a better society. We're talking, of course, about Star Trek! And who better to talk about Star Trek with us than progressive champion and hardcore Trekkie, Cory Archibald, the chair of Brand New Congress.

We Get Into:

  • Predictions Star Trek Made about the Future
  • What Does “Post-Scarcity” Mean?
  • Who Would the Captains have Voted For?
  • Is Star Trek “Socialist” Per Se?
  • Is The Orville better than Star Trek??
  • &MORE

Engage with Cory/BNC:

About the author 

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