It's been one year of Not Safe For Wonks and 100 episodes all at the same time by some wonderful coincidence. The journey to this point has been remarkable for us and we hope that all you wonderful listeners feel the same way. For episode 100 we wanted to do something special, so we asked all our favorite guests to come record something quick with us to make a compilation. To our surprise and delight, the vast majority of them said YES. So after much work, we are happy to present THE EPISODE 100 CELEBRATION, a feast of content unlike anything you've ever heard before.Timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction4:43 – Howie Hawkins14:52 – Rebecca Parson25:50 – Ian Schlakman35:59 – Lyta Gold44:45 – Dennis Lambert53:10 – Interlude #154:51 – Ted Anderson1:04:46 – Melanie D’Arrigo1:12:59 – Nancy Larson1:22:05 – Zainab Mohsini1:32:33 – Asher Nuckolls1:38:51 – Janos Marton1:46:17 – Maryam Ahmad1:55:06 – Karishma Mehta2:05:15 – Paige Kreisman2:14:30 – Interlude #22:18:27 – Jon Munitz2:26:46 – Psychic Dolphin Garage2:39:10 – Chris Richards2:47:05 – Lauren Ashcraft2:55:17 – Cory Archibald3:05:07 – Charlie Madison Winters3:12:50 – Paperboy Prince3:27:09 – Donna Imam 3:31:45 – Bryan Quinby3:39:56 – John Leavitt3:47:25 – Shaniyat Chowdhury3:55:16 – Interlude #34:01:37 – Jason Call4:04:43 – Nabilah Islam4:12:35 – Mary Hollywood4:20:23 – Leia Rose4:27:36 – Sarah Marilyn4:35:49 – Ellie

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