This Networking Group Produces A New Show Every Week irl.

Be a producer and star of a show in the heart of Little Five Points, Atlanta. Invitation only.

hanging out on linkedin and discord.

I produce and market a show that helps the community and lets me work remotely.

I can squeeze all the main aspects of a marketing funnel into it, while also being fun to do.
  • If you're trying to break into an industry, you can tell people you work on this or that show, and it's always there, like a rock.
  • We're going to show you how we're booking meetings with this project. You can use the tools here to book your own meetings. Your capacity might go up or down, but we have the same tools and achieve a creative task on a weekly schedule.

Okay, so - it's volunteering.

But if you like volunteering that's themed around the arts, this might be one of the most fun one of those that are available.

Co-produce a weekly show that will build your portfolio, but also : learn how to build systems & processes, how to delegate, how to network on LinkedIn, email, and Instagram.

We encourage people to be their own economy, freelance and sell their own high-ticket products, systems and services, while filling their creative ambitions.

Brandyn Buchanan

a High Performance picture ig

Week One Is Onboarding:

Are You Only Kinda Interested?

You can stay up to date with what I do with this group without any further commitment. I'll show you how.

Do You Need Help?

I can help you find venue space, schedule an interview with you, or get you in a podcast. 

Week Two Is Operations:

Show Operations Guide

The way the show works and the main tools we use all the time. So I'm going to show what all they do - if you already know this, great.

Trello, Airtable, Canva, Wordpress

These are basically core tools we use all the time. So I'm going to show what all they do - if you already know this, great.

Week Three Is Scheduling:

Google Calendar

The real calendar and how to get started, 

Get Off The Sidelines

We'll actually show you how we put together real world hybrid shows. 

Especially Good For:

Remote Entrepreneurs

You have a lot of personal freedom and you love bringing communities together. You'd love to make one in-person optional appearance per week and go back to your chill life.

Curious Viewers

Discover the show and an invite to be part of it.

Busy People

Maybe you're preparing a career transition, you're doing more entertainment or looking to add the arts to your life.

Agencies & Professionals

"Good Morning America" style show with a lot of charm and history.

Is Three Weeks Really Too Long For A Commitment?

So, at Ghost Coast Video, we try and share a core set of tools that we use for building funnels, producing media, and setting appointments.

We all have things that would make us a little more money that we haven't always followed up on.

We regularly publish shows and stuff with these tools too, about whatever personal hobbies we have.

Or we're building sales funnels that let us grow our business with less time. OR we're setting appointments to meet our dream clients.

With these tools, we're always got something published and life-affirming that grows our lives to look forward to.

It's a small community of entrepreneurs. There are only ten seats. They probably won't be filled right away, anyway. Ten people in Atlanta with the ability to run a membership organization, wow that sounds cool.


This is a daily scrimmage for your freelance business, podcast, or agency. It's not mandatory, but it's good to know you can have this conversation about this vital part of your life, to know there's life in it being delivered to you. That's a part of your life's gameplan.

There's also a DM group.


We've got the capacity to do a one hour report when we need to - like right now I'm producing Takeover Tuesday by myself, the show Velvet Butchershop works - if we're not able to have some weekly something in some form, there's a sign of trouble.

What this means for us is, we always have a chance to make better and better - video production, ad production, graphic production, at a way that keeps pace with fundraising.


Monthly goals are always optional. But it would be fun to do a monthly marketing network. 

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