Whether you're a creator, an organization, or a business: you need human connection and recurring income in your business more than ever.

Work With Me For Five Days. I'll Help You Build A Membership Community of Supportive Friends, Fans, and Followers.

If you're looking to unlock passive income and build a real community online - you've got every reason to be skeptical.

Right now we're in an era where finding community and being able to communicate is harder than ever. Social media, which used to bring people together, and you could always find something cool on these platforms, it seems like you're looking longer and longer for things online for things that are less and less interesting. 

Places like Twitter or TikTok, they even have a phrase for this, doom scrolling. It's not like people go online looking to feel doom, right?

You're searching for that hit of dopamine, and you're never finding it.

As the Internet fills with spam and junk and promo, and it becomes more and more relentless and annoying and weird, it's harder to trust the text on a page.

You don't even know whether a real human being generated it, touched it, thought of it, or anything like that. 

But here’s the good part - people are willing to scroll and scan and search for hours for real connection because it’s more in demand than EVER before. 

The desperate need for that connection has not changed. 

And if you can provide that, people will provide you with the infrastructure you need to live the life of your dreams. No, seriously.

I know all about that - and I'm living proof. 

My name is Brandyn Buchanan, and for over 10 years I've helped build communities in the corporate world. 

Let me tell you, whether it’s online coaches, businesses, churches, organizations or platforms, I help you get your one messages to groups of people. 

Brandyn Buchanan

Recurring Sales Are Just As Easy As One Time Sales. And There's A Reason People And Corporations Love Memberships.

The real joy of this system lies in building a community to the point where its members actively provide their own feedback. They contribute to a system that builds itself - so that you don't have to have a screaming mental breakdown when you catch a cold or need time off! 

It's actually really simple - when people share their ideas, products, and projects, and interact with one another, the community has more credibility than one person struggling alone.

At that stage, all you need to do is maintain the system and connect people.

Then, you can grow no matter where you are.

But If You've Tried Building Passive Income With A Membership, You've Faced Some Serious Challenges.

And they might be so challenging and so constant that you've built a mental block and told yourself you "can't" build them: 

Feeling Disconnected And Uninspired

Are you finding it hard to truly connect with your audience? Does it feel like they're ready to move on at a moment's notice? You're not alone in facing the challenge of turning passive observers into engaged community members.

Fading First Impressions

Do you worry about keeping your audience's attention after making that sparkling first impression? You put your back into a sales letter or presentation, but the backend stinks! If you're struggling with ensuring your content and community feel fresh and engaging long-term, again - not alone here.

Analysis Paralysis

Ever feel overwhelmed by the pressure to maintain the high standards you've set for your community and content? It's a daunting task to keep everything top-notch, and the fear of dropping the ball can be paralyzing.

Impossible To Get Momentum

Does your community space feel more like a ghost town than a thriving hub? Imagine somebody going to a forum or a meeting and nobody else is there - for all your work, it’s hard proof it’s not working. 

Are These Challenges Tough? YEAH. But They Aren't Impossible.

This course, by the way, is called Members & Community. And it's pretty simple - with a few pages, a handful of creative ideas, and some practical tools, you can consistently and confidently build a profitable community of friends that you care about.

There are five interlocking systems needed to make this work - and we're gonna show you all of them.

There Are Five Interlocking Systems To Building A Membership Community, And I Wanna Share ALL Of Them With You Here...

Let your visitor know how many modules there are and what each one is about.


Day One: Strategy

You really don’t want to lock yourself into a business that you hate - and even though memberships are flexible, you need to make commitments that fit your lifestyle.

  • Understanding Membership Styles: Understand the pros and cons of different membership types—fixed term, lifetime, monthly—and how to align them with your goals and community needs.
  • “The Tailored Fit”: Finding the right niche is crucial. We’ll help you run the numbers and make them make sense. We can also show you where the market is and what you should say to them in order to build a commitment. 
  • Member Leverage: Don’t spend too much time guessing - you can physically LOOK at the experience that your members are going to have before you open a single page.
  • More Fun & Less Stress: Memberships can be anything  - not just selling classes on selling class. Here’s how you can take real world, offline ideas and add the “digital layer” for more engagement.


Day Two: Content

Okay, one of my mentors was an author who wrote huge, high volume books, and this was before ChatGPT made things corny or unnecessary. I know all about helping you write 20,000 words in a day - it’s doable, and it's your turn.

  • Natural, High Volume Content: Create content that feels natural and engaging, only if it aligns with your passion and skills.
  • The Game: Imagine a roadmap that not only guides your content creation but also infuses every member with clarity and momentum. That's “The Game” and it’s a powerful tool that keeps members engaged and reluctant to leave.It’s not just some geeky form, although you can make it into one if you want.
  • Impressive Introductions: Craft a compelling sales letter that works like your 24/7 salesman, making an irresistible first impression.
  • The "Dual-Core" Content Strategy: Dive into the dual core of essential content types every successful membership needs. While hobby sites falter with just one, we'll show you how to master both, ensuring your content resonates deeply and sustains your community long-term.


Day Three: Memberships

When somebody goes up to a membership, people are cutting out wants. They are cutting out things that are nice to have. Even if this is something that's for a hobby or for art, it needs to be something that people feel like they need it, and that they need it fast.  

  • Essential Offerings:  Understand the psychological triggers that make people join and stay in memberships, turning insights into action. Grasp what your audience truly needs and how to position your offering as a must-have.
  • Content Pathway: Create a clear, engaging journey for your members, ensuring they see the value in every step.
  • Self-Guided Success: Empower members to take charge of their progress, reducing dependency on you and enhancing satisfaction - this is a major key.
  • Content Leverage: Learn to produce valuable content efficiently, focusing on quality over quantity to maximize impact.
  • So, why do people cancel memberships? Analyze and address common reasons for membership cancellations, keep members for YEARS, not months.


Day Four: Retention

I want you to think about the first 30 days on that customer journey and how to get people's happiness ensured. 

  • Strategic Launching: Master the art of launch campaigns that build commitment and excitement over time.
  • Retention Mastery: Develop strategies to keep members engaged and minimize drop-offs, ensuring a vibrant, active community.
  • Content-Market Fit: Shape your content and marketing efforts based on deep understanding of why people stay.
  • Drop-Off Reduction: Learn tactics to reduce member churn by up to 40%, keeping your community strong and engaged.


Day Five: Growth

Build a self-sustaining community that thrives with or without your constant involvement!

  • Stages of Growth: Understand the growth phases of your membership and how your role needs to evolve.
  • Team Building: Learn when and how to bring in the right people, whether through hiring or attracting volunteers.
  • Automation & Delegation: Identify tasks that can be automated or delegated, freeing you to focus on high-impact areas.
  • Community-Driven Creation: Encourage members to contribute content, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.
  • Protecting Your Space: Implement secure, user-friendly systems for registration, login, and content access, ensuring a smooth, professional experience for your members.

We Turned Over Every Single Rock To Help You Build A Community That Lasts

A membership site is in many ways the ‘ideal business model’. It's low-risk and built on word-of mouth. 

You can see the success that I've already had building these communities. If you've had trouble with the content, the technology, the retention, the connection, and building your community in the real world, this course is going to have everything.

This is it. I could spend all day talking to you about the benefits of this course, but if you don't know it by now, then you're just not ready,

What If We Took You By The Hand To Accelerate Your Impact?

I've been there - trying to balance the time to create content and the money to advertise it, and always needing more, more, more of both. I needed two things -training and advice from world renowned experts in every different discipline...

And a focused plan to get me from where I was then to where I am now. Nothing else.


Membership Worksheets

Don't worry about things falling through or going unnoticed - it's all written down the long way. You watch the video, read the transcript, see the examples and start building in real time.


Live Q&A Sessions

Let's face it, community building isn't always as simple as just filling out a list - sometimes you've got individual strategic needs and opportunities.

Usually, you're going to be paying hundreds for that kind of access - but not here. 


Bonus Interviews

There are already three hours of bonus interviews in the members area with more to come.

Honestly, You Can Screw Up Every Step Of The Path - As Long As You Follow The Path.

Seriously, build these five systems. Plug them into the work you're doing. All you have to do is follow some incredibly straight-forward advice. Take action and find the energy to work a whopping 30 minutes a day and you’ll make money and build a community…

And you won't have to work crazy hard or hard-sell people to buy anything. It's just a system for interest and engagement. But trust me, as long you closely follow my system there’s no “maybe” about whether this works… IT DOES!

Use this and you’re writing your first major internet success story simply becomes a
matter of time.

Now, here I should point out that not every email you send will fill your PayPal account
with juicy payments but…

As long as you send out a few emails a week you’ll be doing more than enough to hit the kind of numbers that will…

Allow you to quit your job and comfortably…

Earn more than enough to work online full time…

Spend more time with your loved one’s…

Win the FREEDOM you’ve always wanted…

The Best Time to Start Making Connections Is Now.

The combination of this much expertise, with this timing, at this price, will never be replicated.

Remember, this is not outdated information. It is hot off the presses, it is going to be revealed, in some cases for the very first time, and it is designed to make you powerful as possible for 2024.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Click on the add-to-cart button now and for the insanely low price you see here. I put my money where my mouth is and if my systems do not work for you, I don’t want a damn cent from you.

Simply send me an email and Ill instantly refund 100% of your investment.

Brandyn Buchanan

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