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THe idea board. Yes, you're right! Fluent Forms now has a feature that supports the creation of custom post types (CPTs) directly from form submissions. This feature is part of their advanced functionalities, allowing users to submit content that automatically becomes a post or a custom post type entry within WordPress.

Here's how you can set it up:

Enable the Post/CPT Creation Module: First, go to the Modules tab in Fluent Forms and enable the "Post/CPT Creation" module. This step is crucial as it activates the capability to create posts or custom post types from form submissions.

Create a New Form or Edit an Existing One: Navigate to "All Forms" in Fluent Forms Pro. When creating a new form or editing an existing one, you will now have the option to configure it for post or custom post type creation.

Configure Your Form for CPT: In the form settings, you can select your custom post type and configure how form inputs correspond to the post fields, such as the title, content, and any custom fields you have set up with ACF.

Mapping Form Fields to Post Fields: During the form creation or editing process, ensure that each form field is correctly mapped to your custom post type's fields or ACF fields. This mapping ensures that the data entered into the form is accurately reflected in the new post or custom post type entry.

Publish and Use Your Form: Once your form is configured, you can embed it on any page or post using a shortcode or the block editor. When users submit the form, their submissions will automatically create a new post or custom post type entry with the provided data.

This feature streamlines the process of collecting and publishing user-generated content or allowing users to submit their posts without accessing the WordPress backend, all while utilizing the custom fields and functionalities provided by ACF for detailed content structuring

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I want to be in charge of making it happen.

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