S1E129 – Episode 129: Back & Sponsored By Ourselves


Episode Notes

Ever wondered what happens when a podcast takes a sabbatical, only to return with a newfound gusto? Welcome back to the discourse zone – Brandyn & Kennedy, peel back the curtain on our escapades away from the mic.

Our evolution both in and out of the studio, and the adventures that have fortified our return to the airwaves. We give the deets about the hiatus, including stints at an ad agency and the creation of our (pretty ethical) marketing firm…


And we're setting the stage for the new year.

We're dissecting the tidal changes within labor unions, such as the United Auto Workers, and decoding the ripples the (general strike-ish) movements might send through the industry.

Meanwhile, we consider the fates of AI and creative jobs, and the surge of niche streaming platforms like MGM Plus.

It's not all business, though; we're also zeroing in on our top TV and film picks, from the culinary drama of "The Bear" to the time-bending "Mrs. Davis," offering you some must-sees and uncovering hidden gems along the way.

It's a celebration of creativity, a dash of nostalgia, and a toast to the episodes yet to come. So tune in and join us.

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