S1E3 – Cheryl Buchanan at Writers Without Margins


A Voice For The Voiceless

The music industry is exploitative – but the nonprofit industry can be just as stressful for the people involved. How do you promote a cause without exploiting it or the people most impacted.

At Writers Without Margins they squared this circle by letting the most impacted talk and express themselves, and building a platform that connects them to the public. I talked to Cheryl Buchanan about the complexities and struggles.

Non-Profit Industrial Complex: Exploring the complexities of storytelling within non-profits, with things like ownership, distribution, and ethics.
Writers Without Margins’ Approach: Hosting free collaborative workshops in unconventional spaces, aiding communities affected by racism, addiction, poverty, and other social challenges.
Publishing And Sharing: Examining how the raw, candid stories from these workshops are published and shared.
Creating Sustainability: An organization lives on its stomach, especially one that depends on grants and donations. We talk about how those power relationships are built from scratch.

It's a super exciting show. Be sure to visit to see a trailer for "In Their Shoes"!

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