S1E6 – Larkin O’Toole & Brian Probst at Peninsula Humane Society


Events That Sustain You

Let's imagine you and 10 friends start an organization for a cause you care about. After some paperwork, your first big step is likely hosting an event. Events are crucial for organizations, acting like a mini-version of your entire operation. They test your volunteer and donor relationships, social media, community involvement, and more. Success or failure at an event can reflect your organization's overall strengths and weaknesses.

This approach is essential, whether for civil rights or animal welfare, like the Peninsula Humane Society. This independent society holds events like annual galas and bark and brew fests, critical for their local community focus. They don't rely on national backing but sustain themselves through successful events, especially challenging post-pandemic. Ensuring ticket prices and sponsorships match the value offered is key to keeping people engaged and supportive.

Caring for animals, who often lack a support system, is close to many hearts. The good news is it doesn't take much to provide a loving home and shelter. The Peninsula Humane Society, based in San Mateo County for over 50 years, excels in animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption. I spoke with Larkin O'Toole and Brian Probst from the society about managing vital relationships to keep the organization thriving. It's an insightful conversation, so be sure to check it out.

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