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Once a population elects a politician, they are giving that individual a tremendous amount of leverage. And once they have it, school is out for the summer.

Where are the tools and technologies that can help give large groups of people leverage over their political system?

Rand Strauss is an engineer, and he's worked on this with an engineer's mind. For a long time, he's had a blog called PeopleCount, and he's been developing software to go right alongside it.

So join me as Kennedy and I sit down and we talk about some of the origins of PeopleCount, and we talk about some of the technological hurdles, and we also talk about the hurdles in communication, because obviously for any piece of software like this, it's going to require massive adoption in order to be successful.

The website, by the way, is peoplecount.org. You can join Rand's mailing list, you can get updates, and maybe you can even see the PeopleCount software for yourself and look for ways to integrate it into your community and your advocacy.

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