S1E8 – Vikas Chinnan at Drive Toward A Cure


The Really, Really Hard Stuff

Okay, so good news. You've got an organization, and there are tons of people who are interested in the work that you're doing. But how do you organize them? One of the ways that you can do this is with a customer relationship management system. If you've seen tools like Trello or Monday or Asana or Notion, all of them use different variations on this. You've got to have just some way to track all of the people that you're working with, their contact information, and you've got to integrate that with some kind of form. So much of nonprofit organization or organization as a whole is letting people register their exact interest. And that can be especially hard when you have to balance content and ideas across different audiences.

How do you make that balance? Probably the answer is with a lot of difficulty, because the people that you're targeting might not want the kind of information that you have. Sure, you can be targeting in a way that is nice, and you can have nice messaging and interesting events. But ultimately, if somebody subscribes because they're interested in the environment, and you're sending them stuff about unions, they're going to be a little bit less interested.

So a lot of the work of organizing is sketching out what your message is and getting it out to people in a really targeted way. I was able to talk to Vikas at Drive Toward a Cure, and this organization is looking for a cure for Parkinson's disease, bringing together cars and camaraderie.

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