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And I don’t mean literally “one person” here – hopefully somebody cares enough about your goals to help you!

But whether you’re doing it alone or with a small team, your insights and understanding are what powers your business.

I’m Brandyn Buchanan.

I help coaches + consultants:

  • Create Authentic Media: Using social media to create leverage in life, connect with clients and partners, and build more free time.
  • High Performance Growth: Quickly make funnels, products, memberships, and mailing lists with simple tools that work together.
  • Create Your Reality: Achieve time and lifestyle freedom: Very few people want to work more than 2-4 hours of work a day. I want you to “get in flow” and create the life you love.


  • How To Start A Lifestyle Podcast
  • “Kindle Cash Flow” Case Study
  • Are You Creatively Blocked?
  • The Curse Of The White Rabbit
  • Five Blockages You’ll Struggle With Before Your Breakthrough
  • How You Can Improve Your Pricing Structure Right Now.
  • High Value Content And Ideas
  • The “MindValley” Case Study

How To Start A Lifestyle Podcast

I ran a podcast with 150 episodes – and I actually used to have a podcast that reviewed the first ten minutes of other people’s podcasts.

I learned a lot about first impressions.

  • Speed to publish and social networking are everything. Just make something of whatever quality you can handle, where you’re being yourself, and just show it to people.
  • You’ll feel very sheepish about low quality, but who cares? Eventually someone will volunteer as long as you have strong standards for content.
  • Show notes are incredible value added. Write show notes first, by your own hand – even if it’s just a paragraph. Then, create value around those bullet points.
  • Don’t provide anything that can’t be covered by the bullet-points.

Your mileage may vary if you’re already prolific some other way.

This technique informs my writing here.

Think of this as the best of my Twitter, or LinkedIn. All of the 2020's computer filtering is removed and I give you the most important information I have.

My $30,000 Per Month Coaching Case Study


I got a client who was a personal development speaker – he hosted electrifying in person seminars, and he’d brought me on in order to start promoting them –

And then the global meltdown event happened. (Which one, amiright?)

Now we’re all left scrambling.

This guy had a lot of collected notes – GDocs, Evernotes, Notions, Instagram Reels, Videos – but they needed to become ONE web presence that could make him a profit.

For most people, this stops them dead, but this guy had the ability to work through it.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Don’t get too bogged up in software. One or two core pieces can do all the work.
  • You aren’t publishing fast enough. It really doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as it’s something you’re creating in an authentic frame of mind.

Remember, the thing keeping your collected notes and videos from becoming a sustaining business is a handful of forms.

Are You Creatively Blocked?

Do you like sharing stuff online?

Are you creating effortlessly, at quality + volume, in a way that you enjoy?

Or are you “blocked” by some expensive software, or some pain-in-the-ass social media platform that’s changing all the time?

Thanks to the internet, clash of ideas, and solutions that have been built over the years — anyone can increase their value through self-education, turn themselves into a brand, and have opportunities coming to them. – Dan Koe

If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about – look at your YouTube history.

What are you trying to learn right now?

What needs are you expressing with your last week of messing around on that website?

I think we’re so busy living our lives and experiencing our drive, our trauma, our physical reactions to what’s going on outside of us:


We forget that there’s a bigger YOU out there… that’s watching the little meat puppet and decides where he gets to go.

You’re the star of your own movie in life, right?

(This is just a physical fact – the camera is on you all the time.)

So step out of feeling your life for a minute and just look at it.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

And it’s gonna be stuff you’re already passionate about, passionate about learning more about – something that you know the day will get away from you if you really dig into it.

And your most comfortable space – video is really the easiest and most “high impact”. But text and audio are okay too.

The Curse Of The White Rabbit

Have you ever seen dog racing? You almost feel sorry for these dogs, they’re SPRINTING across the track to catch a rabbit – and they’re never going to catch it.

It’s easy to put yourself in that same situation – everybody thinks they’ll be happier when SOMETHING happens to them…

  • As soon as they get that promotion, they’re going to make a little more money and reach that next special handhold.
  • As soon as they buy a seminar or retreat, they’re going to head out and apply a brand new mentality to whatever they’re doing –
  • Or the “white rabbit” is gonna be a person and not an event. Some guy is gonna give you the protection and self-esteem that you’re missing.

And all of these things can be lifelong quests – but even though people put all their energy into finding success through more money, more knowledge, better people.

And those things almost never work and never last.

You can’t solve internal problems with external solutions.

And we’re not that much better than the greyhounds – if you don’t willing make an effort to stop seeking superficial forms of validation, we’ll do it forever.

Five Blockages You’ll Struggle With Before Your Breakthrough

Get excited when you see these things.

They’re like the turbulence before the plane takes off.

Remember that in this field, where the breakthrough points are is designed by the robots of social media, not the human bio-rhythm.


You’re chasing numbers on social media as an avoidance mechanism for chasing clients.

These are the main things they’re dealing with:

  • Imposter Syndrome: This often manifests as avoidance. You might not want to fear rejection because deep down you think it’s true.
  • Scarcity: Hey, you learned those life lessons the hard way. But maybe you’re being tight at a time you shouldn’t.
  • Value: You aren’t charging enough. You know your numbers don’t work, but you’re looking for a few missing pieces to change.
  • Clarity: Are you communicating what you want, where you want?
  • Social Criticism: Stuck coping with other people’s opinions. This might lead to being slow to network, fear of hitting big numbers, fear of being generally exciting and entertaining as a person.

So, I’ve sought out the very best training in the world on those things and applied it to my own life. If you’re feeling these things, you’re getting the most turbulent emotions out of the way.

Confront it in your life where you find it, and you’ll be fine.

Here’s Something You Can Do For Yourself Right Now…

I want to release you from pricing anxiety forever.

Are you ready?

Do yourself a favor and see what your competition is charging on Facebook?

I work at places where they’re spending a quarter million on ads a year.

So, there’s definitely no humanity or sympathy at Facebook HQ.

Okay, look at those ads, look at the prices they charge, and then come back to me.

Now, you might be thinking – they’ve got more testimonials, they’ve got more better pictures and fancier forms.

But that’s what the market supports! If you’ve got really high value content and ideas, you can get the rest.

💡 Need something easier? Start looking at the numbers you’re generating for other people. If there’s a deficit… there’s a deficit.

How To Create High-Value Content & Ideas (For Courses & ETC)…

Just get on calls and talk to people. Literally, I have my next five newsletter ideas from the people I'm sending Loom videos to right now.

Honestly, just the ability to talk to people and hear what their goals are, what’s going wrong – for me, it’s the best reason to do anything.

I’d say about 75% of what I talk about in my newsletter comes from just talking verbatim about the kinds of things my clients and prospects talk about on consulting calls with me.

Most of you already have a great personal story and have earned some clients in the real world of, you know, reality.

The Mindvalley Case Study

So… this is the most complicated part. Getting from “your creative space” to “actually being on social media”.

Well, first of all – it depends on your budget.

  • Direct Response: If you have an intermediate budget, direct response techniques like email and LinkedIn can help you attract clients.
  • Extremely Accurate Transcription: Regardless of where you’re going to publish and when, having a good English summary of it is going to increase the value of it.
  • Strict Editing: Examine your material to the minute. Ask sales questions – what value is being provided here?
  • Power Tools For Publishing: There’s always new research when it comes to what tools to use, what social media platforms to get on, and what kind of content to make.

I do have a case study, using the “MindValley” account as an example. Click there.

Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Work together and create the life you experience.

You can treat that as science or a metaphor or a practice.

But I find this to be a good way to think.

It shows the way we’re struggling against our subconscious.

Peter Sage says this:

“Your conscious mind is like an ant. Motivated, industrious, a problem solver, and able to make great decisions. And when you set your sights on achieving something new, your ant works hard as he marches north toward that goal. The problem is your ant is walking across the back of a huge elephant – your subconscious programming that’s marching south.”

It’s your inner desires, weaknesses, motivations, that create the “blockages” in our life systems.

What Are You Creating?

If you want to:

  *⚡️* Find 10 new clients for a workshop

  *⚡️* Find 1000 new subscribers

  *⚡️* Make a $10,000 course…

My ideal clients would like to add $50,000 to their business in the next six months.

But if you’re reading this, I'll help you deal with that big soap opera on your sales funnel. Just reach out.

You have probably written something that I’ve read, and actually laughed or smiled out loud at.

Time To Leave. 🚪🏃‍♀️💨

Remember, I help coaches + consultants:

  • Create Authentic Media: Using social media to create leverage in life, connect with clients and partners, and build more free time.
  • High Performance Growth: Quickly make funnels, products, memberships, and mailing lists with simple tools that work together.
  • Create Your Reality: Achieve time and lifestyle freedom: Very few people want to work more than 2-4 hours of work a day. I want you to “get in flow” and create the life you love.

Schedule a call with me to talk about those things.

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