Seven Steps To A $30K Per Month Coaching Website


What are the highest income generating tasks in your coaching business?

If you’re struggling to grow your own business, this is going to help you out.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Brandyn Buchanan… I help coaches, consultants, and good causes bring in new clients with social media. I’ve got a system with three parts and a firm guarantee of ROI. I keep that part short because most people aren’t fits for what I do.

So here’s a story – the pandemic was just kicking in full gear…

You know, going from “yikes, bad story on the news” to “actually we need to shut down the entire planet”

Which was bad news for my client – who was a coach and speaker who did live events!

He taught folks how to build their business using Amazon publishing. And if that business was going to survive, he needed a website that showed his strongest qualities and encouraged people to get involved.

That “do or die” urgency tends to make amazing things happen.

What kind of website do you need?

We’re always our strongest selves when we’re operating out of our own identity.

Don’t be any fancier or more important than you want to be – just be in your most creative space.

Maybe more importantly, your website isn’t just a modern day yellow pages kind of thing – it’s a funnel that draws people from barely knowing who you are to booking calls, buying, and sharing your training with a group, or their friends.

Okay, powerful concept, right? It’s magical work.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure this thing works – and works well.

Here are the seven adjustments I made to turn this simple squeeze page into a lead generating powerhouse:

how you display your wares can make a difference you display your wares can make a difference sometimes.

A Professional and Engaging Design

Obviously, I wanted this to be a little more in depth than a squeeze page for a webinar.

I selected the Flatsome theme for this site – it’s got big friendly navigation, with design elements that fit on any corporate website.

There’s also video – there was so much video footage that I was desperately looking for ways to integrate it onto the website. This just kept things engaging, acted as an element of social proof, and let people feel a fun and dynamic atmosphere as they looked through the page.

A Clear and Concise Message

We wanted big, simple and memorable phrases throughout the website. So you can see here that we – again – leaned on images from live performances. We added a few quotes too.

Situations like these are why I always bang my head against the wall when potential clients just want to ask me “what do I do” – because so much of it depends on looking at your business, finding things that are unique and amazing, and leveraging it to create a core offer.

It’s all about creating concise messaging that tells visitors who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. This can be done through your tagline, copy on your homepage, and even the images you use.

As a copywriter, I always want to trigger the imagination.

I think people in advertising love to talk about “features and benefits” because they read it in a book somewhere, but it’s just as important to be sensual and give a prospect something that they can imagine and feel.


Client Reviews and Testimonials

A truly effective way to build trust fast with potential clients is to showcase your work.

That’s why it’s so important to include client reviews and testimonials on your website. These can be written reviews, videos, or even a simple list of names. People are weird and skeptical nowadays, but there’s really no wrong way to produce a testimonial…

You can share them everywhere after putting them on your website — getting your name out there each time.

It’s really a story for another time, but I created a follow-up system to reach previous customers, remind them of the great experience they had, and offer a small incentive in exchange for a testimonial. We used software to capture video recordings from people who’d had success – and developed over $400,000 in earnings proof from clients over the course of a couple of months.

It helped that these guys sent physical rewards to high earners on their program – made it a little bit easier to track down the high-performing students.

Showcase Your Priorities

What do you do and how do folks work with you?

I really believe in making that as up front as humanly possible. What’s your value proposition, and what’s the problem that people are struggling with that might lead them to your doorstep.

That’s pricing information, course curriculum, or anything else that would be helpful for potential clients as they evaluate whether working with you is right for them.

If it would fit on a sales letter, why not actually put it on your website and get people in a mood to answer your –

Central Call-To-Action

What’s the most important thing you want clients to do on the page?

What’s your KPI, the thing that makes you declare a “win” when someone visits you?

Whatever it is, put it somewhere special and stick some emphasis there! That might be a webinar, it might be downloading a copy of your book.

Your website should have a strong call to action that encourages visitors to take the next step, whether signing up for a free consultation or scheduling an appointment. Your call-to-action should be prominent and easy to find.

Relevant Content

What I’ve found is that people who are in coaching and consulting have very inspirational lives and backgrounds, and they’re coming from backgrounds where –

They’ve all got incredible stories to tell. If they didn’t, they’d be in a different business.

It’s easy in those situations to get too caught up in making world-altering content. And one of the things I liked about this client was that he was in publishing, and he wasn’t precious about making every piece of content perfect.

We’re kind of living in a cyberpunk world now and volume and consistency are much more important now than in the days of like, LiveJournal…

Content for a website like this needed to be high volume, relevant to the target audience, positioned to solve problems, and easily accessible.

For example, this content might include articles, blog posts, testimonials from clients or colleagues, and client success stories.

An Easy-to-Use Contact Form

You always want to give people room for next steps. I was able to make sure that visitors could quickly and easily get in touch with the client by including a prominent contact form.

We put it all over the site, gave it a consistent look and feel, and we also integrated the form with CRM/email tools.

What I’ve found is that most of the folks that have really scaled their business have combined their email marketing with their CRM using tools like GoHighLevel, Kaep, or Active Campaign. The Kindle Cash Flow website was no different.

The form should be on every page of your website so that it’s super easy for them to find it. This will make it easy for potential clients to reach out with questions or schedule a consultation.

By including these seven things on your website, you’ll be well on your way to attracting more clients and growing your business.

Once You See It…

Are you thinking of your website as a “nice to have”, or something you’re going to invest in, say, six months down the line?

I run into a lot of people who have a baseline problem of sales and client acquisition.

It’s easier to create an A+ website if you have a roster of clients who can pay $1K to $4K for your services in an 8 to 12 week group training program. No matter how fascinating your personal story is, you’re only going to reach those results through repeatable systems and processes…

And looky there, those are the kinds of systems I specialize in.

Get on the phone and let’s talk – I’ll look at your business and find a way to fight hard with the resources you’ve got.

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