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Probably the fastest way to 1,000 fans is 100 personal conversations.

I usually say “calls” but they don't literally have to be calls. It can be any conversation where you connect with them and something happens.

Personal DMs are just that – personal. Even knowing a contact’s favorite podcast can make a difference. I always say volume is #1, but humanity and care are like #1.5?

It's just a matter of finding the time – and it can be your time or the time of a team member.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Use multiple platforms. We use email, Instagram, and LinkedIn in-house. It gives you a lot of convenience because these are different types of people and you can use these systems as its needed.

2. Systematize outreach. You've got to provide those outgoing messages daily. At least the more time you spend working in that area, the better your results are going to be.

3. Have Something To Give. That can be – a show, publication, or printable. Or a series of interviews. Whatever. Try and tailor it to what your target audience wants.

4. Talk online. Obviously, real life conversations are best, but it's hard to have “action items” from hanging out in real life. Digital conversations can be measured and managed efficiently. You're always going to have an uphill battle getting anybody to “do” anything but there it is.

Balancing outreach with content creation?

Having content that keeps your audience engaged and “on your side” is key. It makes conversations a lot easier when you can just show them a real, working copy of something they might want.

We produce a weekly show about happenings in Atlanta. It’s labor-intensive but worth the effort – I'm never more than a week removed from being able to say something relevant in public.

Okay, so to make this have some minimal finality.

Are you ready to boost your nonprofit’s engagement? Share your thoughts or experiences below!

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