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Bots Versus People On Twitter?

Who gives a shit? Especially if you know for sure that you can build an audience?

Obviously, nobody wants to feel like their numbers have been goosed. I get that.

But I also know that my core audience are people who DM me, and respond when I DM them –

I try to share ideas with and for the people who are really engaging with what I create.

And I know I’ll find enough of those people to sustain what I’m doing.

I really think of myself as someone with a core audience of maybe 25 people – and hopefully they read what I write, they care about it, and I write more and more about it as time passes.

Create The World Around You

Happy holidays, everybody.

People think of themselves as creative, but creating isn't about sitting with a typewriter.

Like, how are you creative and your life sucks?

it's something you're actively doing, in every breath and moment.

You’re also driving like that through TIME and LIFE.

Your time and your focused intentions are like a craft that drives you wherever you tell it to go

Your hobbies, your thoughts, your actions, even your food.

The Chess Masters

On vacation in North Carolina and being a good guest feels like a full time job.

I'm having a lot of conversations about chess.

So, you probably know that there are robots that are better at chess than most people.

AI have “mastered” chess. Deep Blue beat Kasparov. Every move can be broken down…

ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nano-machines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control, information control, emotion control… battlefield control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. War – has changed.

Now when you think about that, you MIGHT think of a terminator scenario, something really dystopian.

But realistically – chess being mastered by AI hasn't made the game pointless.

Puzzles and Training

Did you know they've got chess apps with puzzles now?

And these puzzles might tell you to mate in a move, or two moves, or three moves.

Getting these live situations with customer training is way more powerful than just reading a book on chess theory.

A More Precise Game

It's really mind-blowing the sheet amount of information you can take in after a game – each piece has its own point value.

And there's also point differential and values on each play. So a play can be great or suboptimal or a disaster.

We think of cheese being “beaten” when we say solved, but the entirely of this game exists inside the mind of the computer, like Orwell’s 1984.

And it can help you.

So, you can actually chart the levels of improvement you're making in the game, how you do against different play styles and gambits and stuff?

I really hope that whenever we “master” the questions of sustainable human good, we can start with actually fixing the human condition – like you know, human suffering and death and shit like that.

Power Versus Force

In terms of the math, negative beliefs are energy killers.

It doesn't always have the same mental sting of just telling yourself that youre no good –

But it slowly makes a big impact.

Not just on your physical energy (obvious),

But your mental and emotional energy.

Now, these things aren’t just a feeling of vibrations – you know – your vibes.

They’re the actual energy that comes with your thoughts.

Check a look at this graph inspired by David Hawkins’ book Power vs Force.


And I want to stress that you should think of these ideas as metaphors – please don’t start the “yeah but” game with me in the comments.

It’s not just the extremes that will leave you in a negative place.

And – I don't mean the kind of negative beliefs where you fall into a depressive funk.

I mean the kind of negative beliefs that keep people stagnant.

Instead of calling, emailing, waking up early – you're procrastinating, you're Huluing, you're doing little “hamster wheel” type tasks for yourself or others.

As a result, you won’t get to enjoy the life of unlimited freedom, fulfillment and purpose that you want.

Five Ways People Try (And Fail) To Chase Certainty.

If there’s a way to find absolute certainty in life, I haven’t found it.

Finding more “freedom” in life isn’t everything.

There’s always something new to chase. I know so many people who have made millions of dollars and are completely miserable.

They haven't found personal peace and freedom and they're struggling with finding their personal purpose.

Certainty doesn't exist. I've had ups and downs I couldn't possibly anticipate.

But I think quality inner life is all about being able to face uncertainty.

  • Avoidance: Lots of people come up with reasons to stay stagnant – because they're afraid the future will be worse.
  • Dogmatism. Our personal programming always leads us in one direction or another. But your thoughts do have a source, which is YOU. Think of the things you believe as an umpire. Is that umpire fair to you?
  • Transactional Thinking. Examine our relationships. Are we looking to have our needs met, or are we looking for someone to complete us?
  • Negative Self Talk: “I'm not good enough. They're too busy. They don't need my help.” It only changes when we think and act confidently about the future.
  • Demanding Perfection – If uncertainty is a constant, perfection is impossible. You can go look at stories of the richest people in the planet. They don't know anything about life that you don't – there's not some in her currency they've got that you don't. You have to take life's blows as they come, and prepare for the bigger picture.

What Can You Do To Feel Happy Now?

Its easy to waste years of your life looking forward to some “someday” that will make you really happy.

  • When I meet the right client, I'll be happy.
  • When I make more money, I'll be happy.
  • When I get that new house, I'll be happy.

And what tends to happen is, you start getting depressed for some OTHER reason.

Start doing what makes you happy – the things you wanna do, start doing them. Identity is the highest state of being. If you want to be something – don't just think about it, but make it a part of who you are.

Three Tactics You Can Really Use To Be Happier Now

  • Use the Power Vs. Force metric. Look for “high frequency” emotional states and drag yourself into them. Consciously generate at least 3 positive thoughts about for every negative thought, and look for thoughts that are higher on the list.
  • Get Out Of GOOP: Be objective about other people's opinions – and objectively, they don't matter. Peter Sage (and also Abe Maslow) calls it “GOOP” – the good opinion of other people. People don't really have the ability to change your identity, who you are or what you do. Your brain chemistry and goals and all that – they belong to you, and don't let anyone change them.
  • Get way better at saying no to things. There's just not enough time to be good at everything you're going to get asked to do. And ironically the more success you're having, the more those challenges to your capacity are going to come up.
  • If something keeps draining your time, stick it on a NOT TO DO list.

Describe Yourself For Twitter

I've been trying to reject the whole branded persona so long – but a couple of things have changed.

Maybe most importantly, I’m at a point in my career where I've maxed out on what I'm gonna earn as a ghostwriter to the stars or whatever.

Part of my career path right now is going from writing/building for other people to just doing it for myself.

It's not really efficient to get on call with someone and show them my portfolio at this place and that one 😭

Like, it sounds like a good flex for public case studies, but I still have to actually talk to you about other people – that's actually not (not) ideal for me.

So, right now, I write about copywriting, personal development, and mass outreach.

Just as importantly, I write and record the important things I'm doing through the week.

And Describe What You Want People To Do

The Syndicate is my personal newsletter and holistic peer group.

It’s the very best of everything I have to share on social media, sales funnels, and lifestyle creation.

It's my most entertaining format with my best resources + ideas.

Courses and Stores

My store is the slow-motion version of my newsletter.

I go into cinematic detail about the best ideas I have in copywriting, personal development, and mass outreach.

It costs money but it also contains a lot of stuff from my real business like worksheets, resources and etc.

These are my real tools, not customer products.

Three Main Tools I Use For Social Media Syndication


They're a lot like doing email.

I like social media – I use Twitter and built a following there.

But I feel like the size of my best thoughts is this format here.

Now I think about it as – my thoughts over the course of a week, the most important thing I have to say.

What are the tools I'm using to make it easier for me to communicate?

  • Tweet Hunter – there are tools like Hypefury that have more features, but there's something about Tweet Hunter, I really like it. I can look at all my good tweets at once. There's a lot of spam, you've gotta use your brain – but you know, if something has the idea of having to THINK as a caveat, that's very cool.
  • Later – Later just let's you schedule posts for later. I'm writing throughout the week, and I'm also chiming in live when I have a good point, or reaching out to people by hand to see what they’re doing.
  • Notion – I have a lot of material that I've already written for myself dating back to like 2012 or sooner. So I have a lot of text that I can get my hands on.

It's simple as far as “tech stacks” go, but it be costing me money so…

Are You Giving Back?

Right now, I'm really building my personal life around 1 on 1 calls now. If you're somebody that I need to talk to – let's do it one on one.

If a conversation is THAT important, I can take notes about it or around it. And hopefully (hopefully) make real progress by the time I touch base again.

Right now, Monday is a big time for my personal and community service calls. I line them up and good things happen.

I’m not going to dig into it in depth, but being able to hold a fundraiser and talk about it is a good skill for delivering help to people.

It's very rare that I'm totally happy with a pop up event.

But I have experience in them and I definitely think I get better every time.

I’m Brandyn Buchanan.

I help coaches + consultants:

  • Your Creative Space: Social media for building leverage, attracting like-minds, and “getting your name out there”.
  • High Performance Growth: Quickly make funnels, products, memberships, and mailing lists with simple tools that work together.
  • Create Your Reality: Achieve time and lifestyle freedom: Very few people want to work more than 2-4 hours of work a day. I want you to “get in flow” and create the life you love.

Time To Leave. 🚪🏃‍♀️💨

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