Episode 53: Breaking the Cycle (with Janos Marton)


Janos Marton is a decarceration activist – and for his campaign, that means freeing 80% of the people in jail in Manhattan. Who are these 80%, and does setting them free keep us safe?

We talk about his vision for criminal justice here. 📌 The generational gap when it comes to cops and justice.

📌 Transportation and alternatives to fare jumping.

📌 How society criminalizes the homeless and mentally ill.

📌 His relationship with Tiffany Caban and how her run for Queens DA inspired him.

📌 The links between capitalism and criminal justice.

It's all about treating people in the system as individuals and ending the cycle of harm. Janos is a candidate, but this episode is vital for anyone who wants a new way to talk and think about the justice system. twitter ==>https://twitter.com/janosmarton

get involved ==>https://janosforda.com/

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