S1E2 – Rock Solomon at MixDeity


Making "A Community Of Communities"

If you're ever struggled with bringing a creative project like a movie or book into reality, this episode will give you some real insight on how to bring it to life in a community environment. Rock Solomon is an expert community organizer and manager who has helped facilitate dozens of projects in Atlanta with MixDeity. I've ever done a couple projects with him myself with great results.

Inside, you'll hear about:

Common Struggles in Creative Projects: NO matter what you're creating, a lot of the infrastructural problems of getting people involved are the same.
Building A Collaborative Environment: How do you balance the creative work vs the business that sustains it, in a way that makes you happy?
The Opportunity: We also talk about how much opportunity there is in digital mediums versus something like film.
… & The Grind: There's lots of fun stuff about Rock's road to success – selling CD's for a couple of bucks in the back of a trunk.

We also talk about getting a physical location, fighting an awful landlord, and more.

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