Let's develop your sales pitch.

I've been prepping you for this this whole time - Karate Kid style.

You're going to start with that emotional journey.

You're going to talk about how good success feels. It's sort of a way to bond with the person that's reading the pitch.

Create the conflict.

Start talking and really digging into the hurdles that they're going to face, think of it as a story.

Introduce yourself.

You want to be as evocative and specific and human as possible in this part of the page.

Here's a link to the course in full:

This is "Big Ticket Copywriting" and I hope you make use of it.

The Highlights:

Use the quadrant.

Whether it's expertise, whether it's community, whether it's entertainment, or whether it's an urgent business need.

Appeal to both sides of the brain.

You want to give all the factual details so people know what to expect.

Describe the game.

What are the stages that someone will go through being involved in this?

Be flexible, relax and enjoy yourself.

Really, you don't need to write a perfect sales page until you start spending on ads. In the meantime, just tell a story and describe your offer.

Be flexible, relax and enjoy yourself.